Thursday, February 21, 2013

The PB Bandwagon

No, not Pottery Barn. I'm talking about Pure Barre. Two weeks ago Blair and I went back to Columbia for a reunion of sorts with my old roommates. After a delish dinner Friday night, Saturday morning came a'knockin and Marsha, Sam, and I were off to Pure Barre. Marsha and Sam have both been attending classes regularly, Marsha has even become a certified instructor.

I didn't really know what to think; I've heard it was hard but otherwise I was feeling pretty nervous. I don't always enjoy workout classes as I am not the most coordinated individual to ever grace the planet. Marsha and Sam both said that you would be so focused on what you were trying to get your own body to do that you would not notice anyone else. They were right. It was almost impossible. My legs started shaking about 15 minutes in; that it also when I began pouring sweat and silently reciting all sorts of unimaginable curse words in my head.

It hurt to roll over in bed for three days, I was sore behind my ribs, I told my mom I thought I was sore in my internal organs. It was like the most intense ballet pilates class using your body's own resistance as strength training. Ow.

They are currently adding a location in Spartanburg and I can't wait to try it again...assuming I can walk.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Roasting & Toasting

Saturday night we helped host an "Engagement Toast & Oyster Roast" in honor of our friends Kent & Caroline. It was nice to be back in Greenville for a weekend with everybody and the party did definitely not disappoint.

Sarah & Brandi


The happy couple!

Roasters & Toasters
It was a great party and made us all the more excited for their beach wedding coming up in March (I am counting down the days to see the ocean). Best wishes to Kent & Caroline!