Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happiness For The Hintons

Sean, one of our friends from Wofford married sweet Brandi this past weekend. Brandi is someone we have all had the pleasure to get to know the past several years and it's possible absolutely 100% fact that we like her way more than Sean (Sean, I'm kidding. Brandi, no I'm not). Their wedding was a blast, from casino games, to cotton candy, a photo booth, and cupcakes galore, it was an awesome weekend from start to finish.

Friends before the wedding


Enjoying the reception

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Hinton

Whitner's poker face

Pre-photo booth extravaganza

The guys

Better halves

Caroline had zero fun at the photo booth

Blair & William also had no fun

Neither did I

With the bride!

Bride & bridesmaids dancing the night away

The boys giving it their best effort
Happy honeymooning to the Hintons!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Flipping Through

A few weeks ago Blair and I got our "Official" wedding album in the mail and I am glad that there is not some sort of tracking device on this that counts how many times I have flipped through it since its arrival.

When I saw it on the doorstep I thought to myself, "Self, you could do something really sweet like present this to Blair after dinner and take the time to look through it together". So what did I do? That's right, I scooped the box up off of the porch, grabbed the closest pair of scissors and looked at it at least four times before Blair got home. Oh well.

Love. It. Hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for reading!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Weekend in the 864

With no big travel plans this weekend, we were able to enjoy a (much needed) weekend close to home. Friday night I made my way towards Lake Summit with Sarah and Christie. The weather was great and it was nice to be able to cook, sit on the dock, and catch up with no sense of urgency.

Lake Summit (Image courtesy of Christie)
Saturday morning I headed back to Greenville to spend the day at home while Blair golfed. Saturday night we ate a delicious dinner with Cally and Dave and waited out the summer storm that came through. Last Christmas my cousin Sara drew Blair's name in our gift exchange and she [very thoughtfully] gave Blair a gift card for the Table 301 restaurant group in Greenville so this morning we indulged in an awesome brunch at Soby's.

The "before"...No need to document the "after" as a picture of clean plates and empty glasses isn't very exciting
Now, in our food induced comas, we are at home with this little one...

Khaki, clearly photo ready
Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday, thanks for reading!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living Room Laughs

Some of my favorite boards on Pinterest (Dad, I will explain what Pinterest is, don't worry) are the humor/quote boards that people make. Don't get me wrong, I love a good outfit, recipe, or clever decorating idea as much as the next girl but after a long day of the real world (i.e. work, being in the car, gym, etc.) it's nice to be able to just sit on the sofa, open the computer, and browse others' pins for a few laughs. I saw this tonight and could not stop laughing. I don't know if I was just slap-happy but I'm pretty sure Khaki thinks I'm crazy. Oh, and I thought about people I could call to explain it to and share it with but it just wouldn't be as funny.

You're welcome.

Image via

Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Hiked Out

Blair and I headed to Montreat, NC last weekend with Sarah and Whitner (And their dog, Tilley). Excited to get out of town for a few days and relax, we set out for what ended up being a very ambitious hike on Saturday. Khaki had not been doing just awesome on her leash so Blair and I were a little nervous but she was ready to go and hike we did!

Sarah, Whit & Tilley

Khaki is ready to go!

Back at the house...A little less ready to go


This looks like a good place for my nap

Two tired dogs
Since "The hike" Khaki cannot get enough of going on walks, I think she would sleep with her leash if we let her. About to set off on another walk right now...Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


'Nuff said.

Well, not really. There's this:

Anything he says is absolutely right. Image via

Much better.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He is...


Tonight as I was walking out of our front door a little boy zoomed by on his bike. Not far behind him was his little his batman costume. As he gave the hill to to the right of our house his best effort, he wobbled on his bike and fell over. His dad, walking behind both of the boys picked up his pace a bit but before he could reach his youngest son the little boy picked up his bike (well, pulled the bike on top of himself then off again), steadied himself, gave his dad a thumbs up and said "I'm ok! I'm ok!".

This little boy made my day. I can also sleep easy tonight now that I know the bat is in the neighborhood. Thanks for reading!