Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frankly My Dear

Scarlett lives!
You are humming the score out loud right now...  
Thats right, according to this article, the final four chapters of Margaret Mitchell's original typescript have been discovered at a library in Southport, Connecticut. If you have not read Gone with the Wind and were only a movie see-er then you are truly missing out (well, lets be real, the movie was a-maz-ing so its not a total loss). The pages of these chapters were sent to storage after being given by Margaret Mitchell to the president of her publishing company. Letting my super nerdy self shine through, I love stories like this and even if my sister is the only other person that appreciates this post then thats alright with me. After all...tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Book (And Accessories)

I am a judge-a-book-by-its-cover-person
I should start by clarifying; I am not an Oprah obsessor. That said, I do think by means of her show, website, magazine, etc. she has greatly influenced a wide variety of women in regard to their reading materials. For this I should thank her because I was introduced to this book through her website. While The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo series was a nice break from my former President/Civil War General biographies; I felt like it was time to find a happy medium.

Wingshooters, a novel by Nina Revoyr, is about a young girl multicultural girl raised by her grandfather and growing up in a conservative Wisconsin town.  Always made to feel like an outsider, things [apparently] change even more in this town when an African-American couple moves to town. One review described this book as "To Kill A Mockingbird in the Midwest" so naturally I am very excited about purchasing this on my Kindle (shout out to the Reath family for the great graduation gift!) and diving in.

Next week officially starts Blair and I's 2011 Southeastern Wedding Tour and since Blair gets in serious "drive mode" in the car (aka not one to play 20 questions/"are we there yet?") so once I get my new book [rapidly] downloaded onto my Kindle I think it is time to treat myself to a new Kindle cover. Here are some that I would not hate reading with...
Kate Spade, you get me every time...
Diane Von Furstenberg, please consider enjoying life in my budget?
Something like this is probably more my speed/in my price range
I promise to report back about the book (and whatever fancy new jacket it gets to wear). If anyone has any other good reading recommendations please pass them along, considering all of the road trips and sitting by the pool or on the beach that I am planning on doing once it gets warmer I am sure that I will need plenty of material!  Thanks for reading!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Find A Good Taylor

So beautiful
Before a world of Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons, there was Elizabeth Taylor.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SC Grown & Married

This past weekend Blair and I traveled to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Mary Loyal and Lash's upcoming wedding; they are getting married in May and I can't believe how quickly it is coming up! Blair and I drove down Friday afternoon and saw all the sights that the back roads of South Carolina (aka Tuberville...yes, that is the name of a town) had to offer. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend, enjoy!
Sarah and I before the party Friday night; finally at the beach!
Some of the girls at the Friday night party, Mary Loyal and Lash came up with nick names to go on everyone's name tags, I was "Blogging Buddy" since Mary Loyal and I both blog ; Blair was "Blaine Reese" which is what one of his professors called him/thought Blair's name was the whole time they were abroad together for interim one year...and Blair responded
Boys at the party on Friday night
The delicious cake at the "SC Grown" party on Saturday night, sooo good! Like I told you all, I am taking my cake tasting duties very seriously. All of the food at the party was made using/including ingredients that are native to South Carolina in the month of March
Blair ("Blaine") and I Saturday night; the party was at the Pine Lakes Golf Club and it was absolutely beautiful and since Blair and I are both not natives of  South Carolina we really enjoyed eating learning about all the foods and ingredients that are grown in the state
Singing the Wofford alma mater, naturally. Unfortunately this is the only picture I managed to snap of the bride and groom to be all weekend but I think it shows off their Terrier spirit perfectly
The maid of honor!
It was such a fun weekend and thanks to the beach day that Sarah, Ann Spencer, and I took advantage of on Saturday I got my inaugural Spring/Summer 2011 sunburn out of the way.It is so great to spend time with our friends from school and I can't believe that the next time we are all going to be together is to see Mary Loyal and Lash get married; counting down until May 28th! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

"On Thursday, They Will Be Prime Time"

"One of the most seasoned teams in the country"
The New York Times does not underestimate the Terriers, neither should BYU. CBS selected the BYU-Wofford game to kick off its prime-time coverage of the NCAA tournament tonight at 7:15. Is this because of BYU's Jimmer Fredette, one of the best players in the country? Maybe. Regardless, I am anxiously awaiting the chance to cheer them on tonight with the rest of the Columbia area alumni.

[From a press conference]
Q: Could you comment on what it means to play the prime time game tomorrow night.

A: I look at it as a great opportunity for the players on Wofford and our college back in Spartanburg, show the world how we show ourselves, how we carry ourselves on and off the court. I'm just looking at it as an opportunity.

Thanks for reading and GO TERRIERS!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"About 14 Servings"

I am a creature of habit. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me/has ever been my roommate and they could tell you. This is apparently obvious to other people that don't live with me/know me super well as the women that I typically eat lunch with at work have noticed that I eat pretty much the same thing for lunch every single day. A turkey sandwich, yogurt, and a banana with peanut butter. Boring right? NO! Because this is not normal peanut butter. It is peanut butter infused with happiness...
Buy this. Eat this. Love this. Thank me.
One of my friends at work noticed my peanut butter obsession (thanks mom!) and brought this in for me to try...and then I left work that day and bought it. I prefer the "White Chocolate Wonderful"; and I don't even like white chocolate. I also have not purchased the normal chocolate peanut butter that they make because I am worried I would open the jar, eat it with my hands, slip into a peanut butter coma and someone would have to roll me to the hospital. After some research I learned that Peanut Butter & Co. is actually a restaurant in New York that serves all kinds of peanut butter based goodness, needless to say I am trying to add to my list of things to see in New York.

Anyway, I told you all that so I could tell you this: I finished the whole jar in 2 weeks. That's right. Scraping peanut butter from all surfaces of the jar finished. I was feeling pretty glum about this (mainly because the women at work noticed that I had all but licked the jar clean in about 12 sittings) when I was reading the back of my new jar and saw this:

Servings: About 14

They know. The Peanut Butter & Co. people know that it is physically impossible to make this jar last longer than 2 weeks because it is that good. So while I need to pace myself a little bit, I feel a lot better and am already looking forward to lunch.

Thank for reading!


Friday, March 11, 2011

No Shortage of Tears

Things I have cried at/over:
  • An episode of "The Office"
  • A Publix commercial
  • A toast
  • A blog post (not my own, don't worry)
And last but not least (and most recently): a book. I finished The Prince of Tides on Wednesday night. Talking to Blair on my way to work on Thursday our converastion went like this:

Me: I finished my book last night!
Blair: Really? How was it?
Me: It was great, I cried.
Blair: I figured.


I promise I am not shedding a tear as I write this; thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Terrierific Tuesday

Shining with untarnished honor
So, disregard the post about my slightly miserable Monday because things really turned around after the Wofford Terriers defeated the College of Charleston (77-67) to become the SoCon Champs & return to the NCAA tournament for the second year in a row!

This is so exciting for the team, the school, and the Wofford community all over the country. Wofford students, parents, and alumni all know what a gem our little school is but accomplishments like this really bring our beautiful campus in Spartanburg some much deserved attention.

And, you will all be glad to know that I am not the only Terrier sporting my Wofford gear at the office today (please read here to fully appreciate my humiliation the last time I wore my school colors). The male alumni are sporting a wide variety of Wofford belts and ties and even proudly showing off pictures of their children sent to school today wearing their gold and black.

So take that Monday, with a great Wofford victory I now have a little extra pep in my step and am ready to take on all that Tuesday has to offer, thanks for reading and go Terriers!


Monday, March 7, 2011

In My Mind

I was mentally trying to be here today.
Today was a Monday in every sense of the word. This includes, but is not limited to feeling sick Sunday night, walking to my car this morning to discover it wouldn't start, encountering some frustration at work, etc.

However, this almost miserable Monday redeemed itself because a co-worker who noticed my frustration brought me some chocolate, and I came home (so my roommate's boyfriend could oh so kindly jump start my car) to find a pair a shoes I ordered waiting for me on my porch.

So as the stress of the day is slowing fading, I am in this park in Prague, wearing my news shoes, maybe reading a good book, and definitely eating some chocolate. Thanks for reading!


Friday, March 4, 2011

And My Spare Time Goes To...

I think my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail...
Yup, Prince William and Kate Middleton launched their wedding website this week (And by "Prince William and Kate", I of course mean the oodles of PR people working at Buckingham Palace, obviously). Over Thanksgiving my sister and I were trying to explain our fascination with their upcoming wedding to my father and I just couldn't quite pinpoint why I am oh so interested; I can however tell you that thanks to this handy dandy website I have taken a virtual tour of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and read several articles about who may or may not be designing Kate's wedding dress.

Is this pathetic? Maybe. But instead of being embarrassed I am now eagerly hoping that they are able to stream the wedding live through this website on April, 29th. I have no shame! I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bragging Big Sister

Thats right, my sister Laura got the Tibi internship she applied for! I could not be more thrilled/proud/excited/a little bit jealous for her. She will be living in New York City for the summer and working at the Tibi SoHo boutique as a merchandising/sales intern. How incredible is that!?

As we have gotten older Laura has emerged as the more fearless of the two of us; thats why when she told me she wanted to live in NYC this summer I was not surprised at all. She has a wonderful fascination with New York City and is a spectacular writer so after reading the cover letter she sent to Tibi I remember thinking "She is definitely going to get this, no doubt about it". Apparently Tibi liked it too because they set up a phone interview with Laura and decided she would be great for the position (obviously).

So, now as I am still stuck in winter(ish) weather, in my mind I am traveling to the Big City to see my sister and have my very own little tour guide. Ah the daydreams...Thanks for reading!