Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love is in the Air

This past weekend we were in beautiful Charleston for the wedding of our friends Anna and Chett. Chett is a fellow Atlanta Terrier and it was so neat to see the Atlanta and of course all of our Wofford friends come together. Their wedding was beautiful and despite some afternoon rain, everything went off without a hitch!

The ceremony took place in a stunning church downtown and the music was wonderful. Following the ceremony we made our way to the yacht club for the reception and it was a blast. The band, company, and food was all fantastic. I even made the huge sacrifice of trying the cake. Both flavors...

First dance!

The expressions on the faces of Anna's parents are so sweet

Sweet Nancy

Last wedding before our own!
Sunday we went to a cookout for our newly engaged friends Caroline and Kent. Kent and I met literally the first day of our Freshman year at Wofford when were we paired together as shag partners. Its crazy to think how much time has passed since that day and that we are all still such a part of each others' lives. I am beyond thrilled for the two of them and can't wait for the celebrations to come.

The girls and our bride-to-be


I hope you all had a great weekend. I am currently doing any and everything to avoid packing. I have been trying to take things to the Greenville house bit by bit but I am convinced that I am making absolutely zero progress. So if there is anyone who loves to pack/organize I would welcome you with open arms!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The other day I got a text message from Phil (future brother-in-law extraordinaire) that read: "How exciting is it that in ten days you'll be writing a blog called "One"?". Well Phil, to answer your question, it feels pretty damn exciting (Pardon my French).

Musical Chairs

Last weekend Blair and I completed our pre-marital counseling and I think we both took far more away from the experience than originally anticipated. We met with our pastor Saturday afternoon for a few hours and then returned on Sunday. We walked in to his office and sat in different chairs than we had the day before. Our pastor was in the middle of closing the door, stopped and said "In thirty something years of doing this, I can positively say that I have never seen a couple come in here and switch seats". Blair and I instantly looked at each other thinking we had just "failed" pre-marital counseling but our pastor said it was nice to see a couple willing to see things from the other person's perspective...literally.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Something that has been an unexpected source of "special" and fun has been receiving the RSVP cards from our invitations. My mother hand addressed each invitation just as she and her sister (my Aunt Sally) addressed my mother's when she married my father. It was fun for her to see the names and quite literally touch each invitation before it met its intended recipient. As the RSVP cards have made their way back to Atlanta some include sweet notes to Blair and I, some "!!!" and even a few smiley faces. These touches made this more "official" part of the wedding so much more personal and I know that these cards are something that Blair and I will treasure. 

Teased & Fitted

Friday afternoon I had my half day at work and zoomed towards Atlanta for my hair trial. I know this sounds vain but it I am so glad that my mom talked me into it because it really helped me relax and feel at ease with how things will go on the big day. Saturday mom, Laura, and I went to one of my fittings and as Laura was zipping up the dress I could really feel things starting to come together. It was so special to spend a beautiful spring day in Atlanta with my mom and sister knowing that the next time we are all in Atlanta together it will be for our wedding day.

This has been such a wonderful time for Blair and I and today marks 31 days until our family, friends, and all of those in-between that mean the most to us will be sitting in my church to watch Blair and I become husband and wife. I am grateful, excited, nervous, and contemplating how to post "Zero" on April 21st...

This might as well be Blair. Image via

Thanks for reading along for the past ten months, can't wait to share our big day!

Mary...The future Mrs. Blair Reath

Monday, March 19, 2012

Name Tags & Oysters

Saturday night we went to a party for our friends Sarah and Whitner (Tying the knot June 23rd!) and it was a great way to celebrate St. Patty's day! The weather was awesome and the perfect setting for the outdoor oyster roast. A good conversation starter were the name tags that each guest wore which included a "serious" description of that person and then something a little more lighthearted. I was "Mary: Wofford Graduate & "Good luck with Blair". So true.

Ann Spencer & I proudly sporting our nametags

I wish I could zoom in on Tooty's nametag. I think it incorporated his love for all things Myrtle Beach

Blair & Jeff

Christie & Caroline

1 month to go!

Kent & Caroline

Ed & Christie


Sweet Ruthie

The bride & groom!

Enjoying the par-tay


Caroline & Cally
It was a great night and such a special way to celebrate Sarah and Whitner with all of our friends. Can't wait for June 23rd, watch out Sparkle City! I hope you all had a great weekend & thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Learned...

In pre-marital counseling/as this week as progressed:

Image via

It has been a busy, bust week and will be followed by a busy weekend with a 24-hour trip to Atlanta for some wedding vanity and then back to Sparkle City to celebrate Sarah and Whitner. Hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend that involves being outside in this awesome weather. Thanks for reading!


Monday, March 12, 2012

On The Move

One of my roommates asked me last Monday how I have to energy to travel, etc. as much as I do. I told her that I love to do it because everything that I am traveling for is an event that has special meaning for me, my family, or friends.

However, this doesn't mean that traveling doesn't take its toll. My suitcase has definitely taken a beating and my car has quite a few miles on it and I think my debit card recognizes a charge at a gas station more than anything else but such is life!

With the traveling comes the thought of moving and it makes me very sad to think that soon I will leave the Yellow House and the very special home that it has been to me for almost two years. Every load of laundry done and episode of The Bachelor watched are starting to strike me as "lasts". I do know that just as I have my Columbia home for myself and made new friends and tried new things that Greenville will be home to equally, if not more wonderful exciting adventures with Blair.

I just really feel like things are starting to "move" and I am just buckling up for the ride! Hope you all had a great weekend, maybe you were on the move as well!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Southern Cakes

This past weekend Blair and I both celebrated our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties...and "celebrated" might be an understatement. Blair and 35862397462 of his closet friends went to Savannah and the girls and I were just right up the road in Hilton Head.

I headed down on Thursday night after work with my friend Megan and after a great walk on the beach the next day, lunch and shopping with mom and Laura, we were ready for the rest of the guests to arrive. Friday night was a blast. I really don't think I have had that much fun in a long time and it was such a wonderful feeling to be with my sister, cousin Rebecca, best friend from childhood Jenny combined with Wofford and Columbia girls. It was such a great group and we took the island (and our limo driver, Bill) by storm.

Laura, the playlist master

Friends since we met on the bus in the 7th grade, look at us now!

My now matron of honor


Showing off my beautiful "bride" cup

Let the opening begin!

"Southern Cakes"

1/3 of the Yellow House roommates who made the trip
Saturday morning involved a lot of lounging and recapping the highlights of the night before. Some of the girls had to leave on Saturday so Megan, Laura, and I treated ourselves to an afternoon at the spa and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching Bridesmaids with the rest of the girls, doing a lot of talking and laughing sitting around the kitchen. We were treated to a dinner at Santa Fe Cafe, one of my all time favorite resturants and it didn't disappoint.

It was so nice to have the best of both worlds with a big, fun group and a night on the town on Friday and a more relaxed day and night on Saturday. So thankful for Megan for having us, it was definitely a weekend to remember!

Note to all that attended: You can borrow the cookbook...

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading!