Sunday, April 29, 2012

Congratulations, Mon!

April 21, 2012=The. Best. Day. Ever.

When the wedding was over Blair asked if I was sad that all of our wedding festivities were coming to an end and I said absolutely not, because I would not change a thing. I loved everything about our wedding day and will share more once we get all of our wonderful pictures back from the oh so fabulous Angie who captured all of the special moments of our day for us. Anna, Charlotte, and Mary Loyal were kind enough to mention the wedding (and attend!) in their respective blogs. Adjusting to the fact that we aren't in Jamaica anymore ('mon) and will be back soon as the newest Mrs. Reath!

Image copyright and courtesy of Suburbanite Photography

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Far

The past few days in Atlanta have been wonderful. We have gotten several last minute wedding things check off of the list and managed to have some fun in between. So far my activities at home have included:
  • Dinner with Dad & a trip to Brusters
  • A run at our neighborhood Swim & Tennis Club that backs up to the school where I went to kindergarten (that will instantly make you feel old)
  • Wandering around a local bookstore looking for some honeymoon reads (nerd alert but I found two books that I am super excited about)
  • A trip to the alterations place-they definitely think my family is full of crazy people
  • A trip to the mall with my mother, Aunt Sally, and one of my mother's best friends. I wish I had a camera or a tape recorder with me for that trip; it like the Three Stooges (and me) took over Lenox.
  • Dinner with some family friends/shouting out the incorrect answers to Jeopardy
  • A beer on the back patio with Dad
It's been so nice to spend this time with my family and now I am just ready for Blair to get here! Saturday will be here before we know it...thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be Our Guest

Today Blair headed back to Tennessee to spend several days with his family (he is starting a new job when we get back from the honeymoon so gets two week off) and I stayed behind in Greenville trying to get the house somewhat cleaned and organized and try to being getting myself packed. Well, after several episodes of House Hunters International, a nap, a run/walk, and then a little bit a cleaning and packing I now eating cold, leftover pizza (microwave still in Atlanta, ooops) and watching Beauty and the Beast on ABC Family. Yes, I am 25 years old and getting married a week from today.

Image via

I am now thinking that I should invest some time this week re-watching all of my favorite Disney movies...Hope you all are having a more eventful Saturday evening than I am, thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ultimate

Sunday Blair and I went to the Masters together. Blair has never attended the tournament or been to any golf tournament for that matter and I think if the Masters can be your first, especially on Sunday then that is a pretty good deal! We arrived in Augusta around 9:30 from our respective cities (me from Atlanta and Blair from Greenville) and off we went. Since we got engaged we figured about that the Masters was 2 weeks before our wedding and really wanted to be able to go as a fun way to spend time together before the wedding.

It did not disappoint. We saw several famous golfers (Tiger Woods several times, much to Blair's giddiness) and I even joined the Bulldog bark as Bubba Watson was approximately 10 feet from us as we watched from the 9th green. Blair consumed 4 sandwiches, I put away a respectable two with a bag of chips (wedding dress fitting the next day really held me back). We got to see almost all of the course and pretty much anything "bad" that happened (Phil tee off on the 4th and Kuchar double-bogey on 3, Side note: Kuchar seems like a very good-natured happy guy and I found myself rooting for the Techie, gasp!).

As Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen went into a playoff I found that I had turned into the ultimate redneck (maybe its cheering for someone named Bubba?) and under my breath gave a good "Sh*t Bubba" as his tee shot on the 10th hole went far left into the woods. He of course went on to win the 76th Masters at this hole.

Image via
It such a great day and Blair and I had a great time being a part of Sunday at the Masters together. It was the ultimately laid back, fun, and super exciting all in one day to spend together before the big day, only 10 days to go!!!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Moves

Last Friday I began the official move from Columbia to Greenville. This could also be known as the great transfer of "stuff". I told Blair that I think all of my summers as a camper and then a camp counselor make me a semi-professional packer/mover and hauler of all things. I have moved myself before (not furniture, lets not get ahead of ourselves) and this move was more of the same. I did however learn a few things that I will now share with you all:

1. When packing a car, do NOT, I repeat, do not pack your high-heeled shoes in a container with no lid and then place said container on a pile of other packed goods right behind the driver's seat. When you have to stop suddenly or make a turn, this will become a hazard and you might lose an eye and at the very least gain a nice bruise.

2. If you are driving from Columbia to Greenville and your gas light comes on, you should stop. Immediately. You will not find another gas station until you are in a full on panic and start looking at your gas light like it is suddenly going to turn off or start laughing at you because you didn't stop when you had the chance. And do not just chance it and get off at an exit assuming that there will be a gas station, there won't be. You are in the middle of nowhere.

That's all for now but I am sure as the unpacking process begins I will have several more priceless gems of moving knowledge to share. I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knoxville Knows How party. This past weekend Blair and I were wrapping up our wedding parties and kicking off the celebration of another very special couple, Kevin and Margaret Bond. Kevin and Blair have been friends since childhood and they will be a part of each others' big wedding days! Kevin and Bugs get married 3 months to the day after we do and we celebrated their engagement Friday night at a beautiful party. Blair got to reconnect with lots of old friends from high school and it was a great way to honor such a special, fun-loving pair.

The bride and groom to be!

Opening up the dance floor

Blair & company

My date for the evening

Sara & Tom

Danielle & Matt

Sweet friends
Saturday night Blair's parents were kind enough to host a "Fiesta" in our honor and it was awesome; complete with margaritas, plenty of chips, and a cake (YES!), what more could a party-goer ask for?! My parents, Laura, and Aunt Chris & Uncle Fred and cousin Rebecca all made the trip up and it was a great chance for my parents to get to know some of Blair's family friends and just spend a great night relaxing together before the wedding craziness begins! The party was held in the backyard which is such a special place for Blair and I since that is where he proposed 10 short months ago.

Blair and our hosts

Almost there!


Blair and his two most favorite people ever in the whole wide world

Blair & his Uncle Al

Maid & Matron of Honor!

All of the guys

Their better halves
It was a really nice weekend and definitely made it difficult to come home and face the monster that is packing! Its crazy to think that the next blog I write will be from our home in Greenville, stay tuned!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Door Opens

This is my last week in Columbia; a place that has allowed me to mold and shape it into a home for myself for the past two years. It is hard to accurately remember feeling new and strange in a city full of people that now feels so familiar to me. Moving to this place and living with girls that barely knew me was definitely one of the more adventurous things I have ever done and looking back I couldn't be prouder of my decision. It is sad to say goodbye to house full of roommates that are so caring, fun, and understanding and to leave a job where I feel challenged, valued, and welcomed everyday. I know that the future ahead is full of bright, happy, and wonderful things but I also think its important to reflect and be thankful for a time that has allowed me to come into my own.

The best of the best

We are now in the month of the wedding and I know that the waves of change will only continue to come our way and I am excited and very ready. Bring it on April!

I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading along with all of the Columbia adventures!