Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It Happened

Disclaimer: Blair is not right a lot. This is an exception.

When Blair and I got married and moved into our new home I became the "Scrooge" of puppies. Despite Blair's pleas and reasoning with our large fenced in backyard, the fact that I was at home during that time, and that he travels a lot for work and I would lonely, I stuck to my guns.

No longer. Take today for instance, Blair is gone on a work trip until the end of the week so while I am at work during the day I am wondering what Khaki is doing, if I left the fan and sound machine on for her (Yes, this happens) and if she is missing me. Then I come home from work, we play in the yard, I ask her what I should eat for dinner (Like she is going to respond), I tell her what we will watch on t.v that night and lately I have been explaining Olympic events to her.

It happened. I became a person who talks to, tries to understand, and reason with their dog. She is my most special buddy.

Illegally on the sofa. In a beach towel. Looking guilty.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bugs & Mutombo Tie The Knot

Ok, so their real names are Margaret Bond and Kevin but nicknames are so much more entertaining! This past weekend Blair and I made the trip to Knoxville as one of his best childhood friends Kevin, got married. Friday night the rehearsal dinner was at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on the Tennessee River and it was perfect (weather, company, food, toasts, etc.).

All the guys!

Chris & Emma

Down at the river

Before Blair's "Five things you should know about Kevin toast"/ Truly one for the books.
Saturday came with a burst of sunshine and after a walk and lunch with Sara it was time to get ready for the main event! Despite some afternoon rain (it's good luck), the ceremony went off without a hitch and it was off to Cherokee for the the reception.

Cake. Yum.

Candy Bar. Just for the record, I fully support this idea.

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell

Three months ago to the day

Sweet Julia

Julia & I with the beautiful bride!

Kevin & his Grandmother

At the reception with Sara

Sara & Tom

Blair with the happy couple

With the new Mrs. Campbell

Wofford celebrates with the bride & groom


With Emma!
Their wedding was a blast. The first time I got to speak with Bugs at the reception she looked at me and said "Your wedding day really is the most awesome day ever. This is so awesome". Exactly.

Thanks for reading & hope you all had a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Khaki Comes Home

Things we have learned about Khaki so far:
  • She likes to walk right by your feet and look up at you. This sometimes results in Khaki walking into chairs, walls, etc.
  • Khaki loves air vents. It makes no difference to her if that means no one else can enjoy the air circulation meant to take place in that particular room
  • One of her favorite hobbies is removing the bath mats from the bathroom and prancing around the house with them
  • The idea of running is still a little difficult to comprehend; she prefers to hop places.
  • And finally, we are thoroughly convinced that she loves us as much as we love her. 
Khaki's first picture; she put her little face in the cup holder and slept the whole way home.

Rough life.

Her domain

After I got back from my run last night. Khaki didn't actually go with me but she got tired for me, what a good dog!

Promise to keep you posted on her antics, thanks for reading!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Puppy Love

Blair has wanted a dog since the day that I met him. Once we found our current home (with a fenced in backyard) I knew that it was there was going to be a full court press on the "Lets get a dog" campaign. Last weekend I agreed to visit a breeder where several of our friends have gotten their dogs. I have some pet allergies so we agreed to look at a "doodle" of some sort.

I checked the website to make sure there were no puppies available (I knew if there were that we would walk away with one...Apparently the website was not updated). We really wanted to see the parents, Poodles and Golden Retrievers that were used for breeding but sure enough there were puppies. And they were cute. Very cute. One in particular caught our eye and after several phone calls back and forth between our separate cars on our way home from Columbia to Greenville, I caved.

We picked her up Saturday. Her name is Khaki and she is an almost 4 month old "Goldendoodle". She trips over herself, runs into things, and had Blair and I completely smitten. We are now people who text about her dog, wonder what she's doing when we are not there, and constantly tell her that we love her. Her photo spread will be shared here shortly (Most of the memory card on the phone).

Thanks for reading and welcome to family Khaki!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

St. Simons

This past week marked the annual family trip to St. Simons and while I could only go for a few days (And Blair couldn't come at all, don't worry he has been instructed that he really needs to step it up next year) the trip was just as perfect as ever. A usual day involves a run, breakfast at our favorite place in the village (Palmer's, if you are ever in SSI, you have to go eat here), and then sitting on the beach til about 5:00, happy hour, bed, repeat.

My grandparents met on the beach at SSI many years ago and we have been going back ever since. With new additions to the family (husbands, wives, dogs, etc.) it is so fun [terrifying for anyone else on the island] to watch our group grow. Grandmother and Fado would be so proud!

I wasn't very good with my camera this year but snapped a few pictures on my phone that accurately capture what a normal day is like...

The makings of a successful breakfast

This gray house is where my mother & her siblings stayed summer after summer.

Happy hour on our last night

Already waiting for July 2013 to come around so we can do it all again! Hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for reading!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Walker

People think that we go to a lot of weddings. While this may be true, I love weddings, and not in the I-want-to-see-what-the-dress-and- flowers-will-look-like-sort of way but in that we get to witness two people joining their lives together; and more than that each wedding is different and represents each couple and their families in totally unique ways. This could not have been more evident than at the wedding that we attended last weekend. Meredith and Stevens have come to be very special people to us and judging by the outpouring of love and supper from their other friends and family, they have that effect on all who know them.

Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner at the Summit Club which overlooks the city of Columbia. The view was stunning and the food, toasts, and company were all excellent.

Our first married place card (Yes, I was a total hoarder and took it with me)

Groom's Cakes

Beautiful centerpieces

With the bride!
Saturday was a typical July day in Columbia at a cool 100 degrees but no one was about to let a little heat put a damper on our good time. Meredith looked stunning and the ceremony was beautiful and personal and truly spoke to the kind of people that Meredith & Stevens are. After we left the church we were off to 701 Whaley to celebrate the happy couple!

First dance

All smiles for the Walkers

Mother-Son dance

At the reception with Ann Spencer

William & Blair

The Reaths

Blair rapping. Ring-bearer dancing.

Meredith takes the mic!
We were thrilled to be a part of their big day and can't wait to see what the future holds for this awesome pair!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not The Weekend?!

I thought that since the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday this year that it would break the week up a bit and make it seem shorter.


Today crept by but it is almost Friday and Blair and I are headed to Columbia for a wedding (Pause for surprise...pause over) so now the tasks of packing and Friday clock watching await. Hope you all had a very, very happy 4th of July & thanks for reading!