Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happiness For The Hintons

Sean, one of our friends from Wofford married sweet Brandi this past weekend. Brandi is someone we have all had the pleasure to get to know the past several years and it's possible absolutely 100% fact that we like her way more than Sean (Sean, I'm kidding. Brandi, no I'm not). Their wedding was a blast, from casino games, to cotton candy, a photo booth, and cupcakes galore, it was an awesome weekend from start to finish.

Friends before the wedding


Enjoying the reception

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Hinton

Whitner's poker face

Pre-photo booth extravaganza

The guys

Better halves

Caroline had zero fun at the photo booth

Blair & William also had no fun

Neither did I

With the bride!

Bride & bridesmaids dancing the night away

The boys giving it their best effort
Happy honeymooning to the Hintons!


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