Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't Worry About A Ting

Blair and I spent our honeymoon in Jamaica at the same resort where Anna and Chett spent theirs. After an e-mail from them with some very helpful hints, Blair and I were definitely excited about the R&R waiting for us in Negril.

With plenty of Bob Marley listened to, Red Stripe and Absolut & Ting (the Jamaican version of Fresca) consumed, and lots of "Congratulations, mon!" thrown our way, we were in full vacation mode and happy to be there!

Room with a view

One happy guy

Walking to dinner

Jamaican sunset

On the menu: A hummingbird & Red Stripe
The best.


Happy feet

Staples for the week meant a book, a cold drink, and sunglasses

Perfectly content

Courtesy of the self-timer

Drinks on the porch before dinner

Clean plate club
Married man & the sea

Some new jewelry

Don't make me go home!

A storm heading our way
All smiles

Our standard lunch spot

Beach attire

Champagne toast at sunset

Last day

After a fresh rain

It was such a great trip and so nice to spend time together without the stress that moving and work brings. I think the only reason that I left willingly was because it was a little cloudy the morning that we were set to leave. If the sun was out it is highly possible that I would still be lounging on the beach in a chair next to Blair with not a worry in the world. Our friends Leanne and Andrew are getting married in 3 three weeks and will be going to Negril as well. Blair and I are currently in the process of devising a way to hide in their suitcases, Anna and Chett, want to join?!

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  1. Love it!! I could really go for a hummingbird right now! And yes, let's hop on their plane. They won't mind if we tag along, right?