Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It Happened

Disclaimer: Blair is not right a lot. This is an exception.

When Blair and I got married and moved into our new home I became the "Scrooge" of puppies. Despite Blair's pleas and reasoning with our large fenced in backyard, the fact that I was at home during that time, and that he travels a lot for work and I would lonely, I stuck to my guns.

No longer. Take today for instance, Blair is gone on a work trip until the end of the week so while I am at work during the day I am wondering what Khaki is doing, if I left the fan and sound machine on for her (Yes, this happens) and if she is missing me. Then I come home from work, we play in the yard, I ask her what I should eat for dinner (Like she is going to respond), I tell her what we will watch on t.v that night and lately I have been explaining Olympic events to her.

It happened. I became a person who talks to, tries to understand, and reason with their dog. She is my most special buddy.

Illegally on the sofa. In a beach towel. Looking guilty.

Thanks for reading!


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