Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our First Visit to Tiger Town

A few weeks ago a group of friends rented a lake house at Lake Keowee and traveled to Clemson on Saturday for the Virginia Tech game. Last year we were lucky enough to go to several Clemson games with Sarah and Whitner but this year with lots of cause for celebration [weddings] and a busy work schedule for Blair [beer festivals], this was our first visit for the 2012 season and it didn't disappoint!

Leaving Clemson with a Tiger victory it was back to the lake house to witness a stunning sunset. I am not one to typically love taking pictures of nature, things, etc. (mainly because my trusty ole' little digital camera cannot do them justice) but this was unreal.

Spending today cheering on the Tigers, Bulldogs, Terriers, and maybe by the time the LSU game starts I will have decided who to pull for. Happy Saturday-ing!


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