Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Twin Tina

Disclaimer: I do not in any way shape or form pretend to be as funny/smart as Tina Fey. I just appreciate her. And now so do the employees at Vic Bailey Ford in Spartanburg.

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Friday was my half day at work and as Blair was still at work I decided I would be a responsible driver/daughter and take my car in for my an oil change, tire rotation, etc.. The nice man in the Service Department asked if I would be leaving my car with them or waiting, since I had Marsha's copy of Bossy Pants in my car I decided I would read, watch "The Price is Right"/"Judge Judy"/whatever other nonsense was on the television in the waiting room.

Tina (First name basis) is describing growing up with a strong father figure, adventures at drama camp, and trying to fit in in college. At this point I am starting to feel like she is talking to me (Didn't go to drama camp but was a semi-professional summer camper). By this time I have laughed out loud, for too long, several times, alone in the waiting room. Then an elderly woman walks in, looks at me and says "I am so glad you are not a man".

Wow. Me too. Tina would love this. This woman goes on to talk about how every time she is in the waiting room it is full of men who know a lot more about cars than she does. She then pulls the latest copy of Southern Living out of her pocketbook and I go on reading with my new BFF Tina. This woman then tells me that my "Slouchy" sweater is not flattering to my figure. My car is ready. I am thanking the Ford gods.

I hope that the next time you take your car to be serviced that someone tells you that they are glad that you are not a member of the opposite sex, insults your wardrobe/slightly compliments your figure, and that you bring yours friend Tina.

Thanks for reading [this means you Tina Fey] and happy Wednesday!


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