Tuesday, February 21, 2012


61 days...Left for Blair to escape. Just kidding, sort of. After a "Wedding Weekend" with my family I would not be surprised if Blair was heading for the hills. We are a large, loud group and can definitely be a lot to handle! In the midst of celebrating my cousin Rebecca and her sweet husband Sean, Blair and I had a jam packed weekend of all things wedding.

Petal to the Metal

Thursday afternoon when I arrived in town my mother and I had a meeting with our florist. I found it was difficult for me, even with pictures to articulate the exact colors, bouquets, etc. that I have been picturing in my head. However, our florist is amazing and I feel confident that despite my inability to communicate that they will be stunning. I keep saying to her, "I am getting married in Atlanta in the spring, I am not afraid of flowers. At all". I love flowers at a wedding, I think there is something so beautiful and sweet about them so I can't wait to see ours on the big day!

Let Them Eat Cake!

I. Could. Not. Wait. To. Eat. Cake. I knew a while ago what bakery Blair and I would use to get our wedding cake from so it was just a matter of picking the flavors. This was perhaps the most difficult for me since there really isn't a cake flavor that I don't like. I think we made some good choices and can't wait to see/taste the final product!


In between cake eating, Blair and I also fit in a food tasting for the reception and Mom and I went to a dress fitting (Something that would obviously accompany all of the eating that I was doing). We were in full on wedding mode.

It was a great weekend and although we are all definitely exhausted I would not have had it any other way. Seeing Rebecca and Sean get married in the neighborhood we all grew up in and then dancing the night away with Blair and my cousins was definitely a wonderful preview of all that is to come on April 21st!

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