Monday, February 27, 2012

F-A-I-L (And Other Letters)

So for Lent I decided to give up sweets. Anyone who knows me/has ever read this blog knows that this could only be more difficult for me than giving up Chick-fil-a (which is what I did last year and was beyond difficult). However, due to certain weekend events I have altered this to giving up chocolate.

My very thoughtful and generous coworkers threw me a "Monogram & Mimosa" shower on Saturday morning at our office. The menu was dominated by sweets. This is probably because they know me so well and I didn't want to hurt any feelings so I decided Saturday would be my "cheat day"...until Sunday. Some of our friends hosted an "Alphabet Shower" for Leanne (our favorite little teacher!) and sweets were on the menu again. Needless to say I sampled the strawberry cake, lemon/blueberry cake, but no chocolate. Way to go Mary [not]!

Office party!

Beautiful flowers from my coworkers

Sweets for our sweet Leanne

Leanne and Haley, sister-in-law/matron of honor extraordinaire

Our bride and the hostesses

Leanne and her mother and future mother-in-law

Leanne & Haley

All the girls!
It was a perfectly sweet weekend. Thanks for reading!


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