Monday, March 12, 2012

On The Move

One of my roommates asked me last Monday how I have to energy to travel, etc. as much as I do. I told her that I love to do it because everything that I am traveling for is an event that has special meaning for me, my family, or friends.

However, this doesn't mean that traveling doesn't take its toll. My suitcase has definitely taken a beating and my car has quite a few miles on it and I think my debit card recognizes a charge at a gas station more than anything else but such is life!

With the traveling comes the thought of moving and it makes me very sad to think that soon I will leave the Yellow House and the very special home that it has been to me for almost two years. Every load of laundry done and episode of The Bachelor watched are starting to strike me as "lasts". I do know that just as I have my Columbia home for myself and made new friends and tried new things that Greenville will be home to equally, if not more wonderful exciting adventures with Blair.

I just really feel like things are starting to "move" and I am just buckling up for the ride! Hope you all had a great weekend, maybe you were on the move as well!


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