Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance & Dance Some More

People told us that our wedding day would feel like a blur and be over before we know it. And while the day does go by quickly, if that is what a "blur" feels like then it was a perfectly happy, fun feeling that we were honored to share with our guests.

Our wedding cake. The double strand of "pearls" at the bottom was to mimic the bracelet that I wore on our wedding day while the triple dot pattern on the cake tiers themselves mimic my mothers earrings which I also wore

We had three cutting boards in the shapes of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee which we asked our guests to sign. These are now hanging in our kitchen and are so fun to look at!

Uncle Ed & Grandmother

What was left of the meal that Blair and I shared together before joining our guests

Operation bustle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blair Reath

First dance

Father Daughter

Phil definitely has a future in back-up dancing


The Philipsons
Cutting the cake!

Dancing the night away

Shake it


Party favors. A Chick-fil-a sandwich and a Coke, in true Atlanta fashion

Braving the flames

Jamaica here we come!

Our wedding was everything we hoped that it would be and more. We are forever grateful to our family and friends that shared that special day with us. Thanks for reading!


All images courtesy of Suburbanite Photography

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