Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Getting] Ready & Waiting

Waking up on our wedding day was like Christmas. I spent the day getting ready with my mother, sister, and cousin. A few other girl cousins and aunts were in and out and it was so nice to spend that time with my family.

Something Old: A book of Robert Burns' poems that belonged to my grandfather. Something New: My wedding gift from Blair, a band that I now wear on top of my engagement ring. Something Borrowed: My Mother's earrings. Something Blue: A [w]Reath charm that my sister tied to a blue ribbon which I pulled from the charm cake at our Bridesmaids Brunch

Laura and I watching our mother get ready


Mom, looking awesome & so excited

My cousin Rebecca

Getting dressed!

Reba looking stellar

Bridesmaids dresses: Check

Laura sporting "Cherries in the Snow" on her nails, our Grandmother's signature shade

Melody working her magic

After a threatening morning drizzle got out of the way, the sun made a wonderful appearance for us and we headed off to the church. Angie told me that Blair & his crowd were having quite the time; singing and football was even involved. She did such a great job of capturing the easy, fun way that Blair and his friends are with each other...

Blair Gave each of his groomsmen a bottle of wine for them to save for a special occasion in their own lives

Phil helping my dad with his bow tie

And the singing begins...

Love this.

And this.


All smiles


Love their hands in their pockets

Ready to go!
I had been given my wedding gift from Blair earlier in the day and sent Laura to deliver mine once we were at the church. I kept a journal that started with the day that we were engaged with the last entry being the day of our wedding. Angie was there when Laura presented it to Blair and I really treasure the pictures of the two of them together.

After the guys finished up with their pictures, it was the girls' turn. While there was no singing or football (that I know of) we still managed to have a great time together before the guests began to arrive.

Putting my dress on (finally)!

Happy day

With Megan

Bridesmaids in blue

Cracking up

Here we come!


Hi Angie!

So ready

And starting to get giddy
If you managed to make it to the bottom of this post then you are a better blogger than I am. Back with more soon!


All images courtesy of Suburbanite Photography

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  1. Mary!!! Omg, your pictures are so beautiful. I'm so happy your wedding day was so meaningful and full of detail. You look radiant!