Wednesday, June 13, 2012

G's Louise

Guests. Gaffney. Garden & Gun.

Monday my sister Laura came up for a visit. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day in Greenville but we ventured downtown for lunch and a quick walk around the river anyway, saw a movie, and then watched The Bachelorette with friends. Since Blair travels for work a good deal I was grateful for the company and it was refreshing to be able to spend time together without worrying about rushing off the the next thing (i.e. my wedding, her college graduation).

Yesterday I traveled up to Gaffney as it was election day for our friend Anna's husband Steven who was running for county council. After many, many months of hard work it was so exciting to all of it pay off as Steven claimed the victory!

Way to go Steven!
And lastly, today a friend's grandfather was featured in Garden and Gun  online as one of their "Great Southern Men" (See #41).

Hope you all are having a great week & thanks for reading!


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