Monday, December 19, 2011

False Alarm

One night last week I was snuggled tight in my bed when I awoken my the awful sound of glass shattering. I grabbed my cell phone (don't ask me why) and ran into the bathroom that connects to Sam's bedroom. I hear this whisper of a voice saying "Mary? Mary?" and I know that Sam is awake and also heard the crash. We call Marsha, whose room is at the front of the house. She did not hear anything but seeing as Sam and I are both pretty terrified at this point, Marsha decides that she should still hide in her closet as a precaution. Sam and I cautiously make our way up the hall, armed with "The Peacemaker", the baseball bat that Sam keeps under her bed for situations just like this one. This is what we found:

The culprit.

It was SO loud. I thought someone was about to jump through my window. Despite the tragedy of losing a few ornaments, this is what we learned: Our emergency plan of calling Sam's boyfriend who lives across the street repeatedly on his cell phone is not effective as he seems to be a very sound sleeper, we should just call the police if we think we actually are all about to be kidnapped. Also, Marsha has a great hiding place in her closet, Sam and I couldn't find her, we could only hear her voice. And finally, I need a new escape plan as standing terrified in the hall with my cell phone isn't exactly the most proactive plan of action.

I hope your holiday season has been slightly less terrifying! Blair and I went to Atlanta this weekend for an ornament shower in our honor and I will share stories and pictures soon. I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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