Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Besides the sounds of the season, I am feel like I am busy watching the days fly by. I cannot begin to fathom the fact that 2011 is coming to an end and soon the year of the wedding will be here! This past weekend Blair and I went to Atlanta for an "Ornament Shower" hosted by my mother's best friend Terri and her husband Jim. We had such a great time (and hope our family and friends did too!) and also got a few wedding items checked off of our list.

Anything With Bacon

I took Friday off from work and drove to Atlanta Thursday night so I could spend the day with my mom and sister. We hit the ground running on Friday with a visit to Sun in My Belly. This is the restaurant that Mom and I have selected for the bridesmaids luncheon and I am so excited! It is in Decatur, which is an old, unique neighborhood in Atlanta and also where my dad grew up. I wanted to be able to incorporate parts of or places in Atlanta that are special to me and my family during our wedding weekend and I think Sun in My Belly will do just that! The restaurant got its name by means of a quote from Picasso who, when asked what compelled him to create, responded with "The sun in my belly". And create they do! Laura got "The Kirkwood"; a traditional eggs, bacon, and biscuit breakfast. It was delicious, their biscuits are awesome.  I ordered "Alison's Famous Pimiento Cheese & Bacon Omelette". I have a bacon weakness (thanks Dad) and it did not disappoint! Mom ordered a great salad, which Laura and I each took a few bites of just to say we ate something remotely healthy. It was so nice to spend some time with them and imagine what that very same place will be like when it is filled with all of the girls and women that will make our wedding so special.

Laura's, "The Kirkwood"

Mine. Aweosme.

Well Deserved

Saturday morning when Blair arrived we had a meeting at Ansley, our reception venue. We were asked several questions about details of the big day and it was in helpful in that it allowed us to get a better idea of things that we still needed to get done. The staff there is extremely helpful and it makes the long distance planning much less stressful. Since neither Blair nor I live in Atlanta currently it was nice to be able to visit Ansley together, especially while it is decorated for Christmas.

After our meeting we headed to lunch at Flip Burger, one of Blair's all-time favorite places to eat in Atlanta. I treated myself that a Krispy Kreme milkshake (that's right) and Blair ordered a Bloody Mary. I loved being able to sit down, just the two of us and enjoy a day together in my hometown at Christmas. It was a great trip and made us both so excited for everything that will follow!

Mine. Awesome...Again.

One happy camper

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