Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Knoxville Knows How party. This past weekend Blair and I were wrapping up our wedding parties and kicking off the celebration of another very special couple, Kevin and Margaret Bond. Kevin and Blair have been friends since childhood and they will be a part of each others' big wedding days! Kevin and Bugs get married 3 months to the day after we do and we celebrated their engagement Friday night at a beautiful party. Blair got to reconnect with lots of old friends from high school and it was a great way to honor such a special, fun-loving pair.

The bride and groom to be!

Opening up the dance floor

Blair & company

My date for the evening

Sara & Tom

Danielle & Matt

Sweet friends
Saturday night Blair's parents were kind enough to host a "Fiesta" in our honor and it was awesome; complete with margaritas, plenty of chips, and a cake (YES!), what more could a party-goer ask for?! My parents, Laura, and Aunt Chris & Uncle Fred and cousin Rebecca all made the trip up and it was a great chance for my parents to get to know some of Blair's family friends and just spend a great night relaxing together before the wedding craziness begins! The party was held in the backyard which is such a special place for Blair and I since that is where he proposed 10 short months ago.

Blair and our hosts

Almost there!


Blair and his two most favorite people ever in the whole wide world

Blair & his Uncle Al

Maid & Matron of Honor!

All of the guys

Their better halves
It was a really nice weekend and definitely made it difficult to come home and face the monster that is packing! Its crazy to think that the next blog I write will be from our home in Greenville, stay tuned!


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