Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ultimate

Sunday Blair and I went to the Masters together. Blair has never attended the tournament or been to any golf tournament for that matter and I think if the Masters can be your first, especially on Sunday then that is a pretty good deal! We arrived in Augusta around 9:30 from our respective cities (me from Atlanta and Blair from Greenville) and off we went. Since we got engaged we figured about that the Masters was 2 weeks before our wedding and really wanted to be able to go as a fun way to spend time together before the wedding.

It did not disappoint. We saw several famous golfers (Tiger Woods several times, much to Blair's giddiness) and I even joined the Bulldog bark as Bubba Watson was approximately 10 feet from us as we watched from the 9th green. Blair consumed 4 sandwiches, I put away a respectable two with a bag of chips (wedding dress fitting the next day really held me back). We got to see almost all of the course and pretty much anything "bad" that happened (Phil tee off on the 4th and Kuchar double-bogey on 3, Side note: Kuchar seems like a very good-natured happy guy and I found myself rooting for the Techie, gasp!).

As Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen went into a playoff I found that I had turned into the ultimate redneck (maybe its cheering for someone named Bubba?) and under my breath gave a good "Sh*t Bubba" as his tee shot on the 10th hole went far left into the woods. He of course went on to win the 76th Masters at this hole.

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It such a great day and Blair and I had a great time being a part of Sunday at the Masters together. It was the ultimately laid back, fun, and super exciting all in one day to spend together before the big day, only 10 days to go!!!

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