Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Far

The past few days in Atlanta have been wonderful. We have gotten several last minute wedding things check off of the list and managed to have some fun in between. So far my activities at home have included:
  • Dinner with Dad & a trip to Brusters
  • A run at our neighborhood Swim & Tennis Club that backs up to the school where I went to kindergarten (that will instantly make you feel old)
  • Wandering around a local bookstore looking for some honeymoon reads (nerd alert but I found two books that I am super excited about)
  • A trip to the alterations place-they definitely think my family is full of crazy people
  • A trip to the mall with my mother, Aunt Sally, and one of my mother's best friends. I wish I had a camera or a tape recorder with me for that trip; it like the Three Stooges (and me) took over Lenox.
  • Dinner with some family friends/shouting out the incorrect answers to Jeopardy
  • A beer on the back patio with Dad
It's been so nice to spend this time with my family and now I am just ready for Blair to get here! Saturday will be here before we know it...thanks for reading!

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