Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas & Wedding Bells

One thing I have learned about Christmas decorating over the past few years is that people have very different kinds of Christmas trees. One of my mom's good friends actually has several Christmas trees in the home that she shares with her husband and their two sons; one has all white lights and white/gold ornaments, one has only red and green, and then there is the "Kid Tree" with all of the homemade ornaments. Well in my house growing up we only had one tree and it was definitely a "Kid Tree". Looking back it was very sweet of my parents to decorate our tree with ornaments that Laura and I made at school. I am sure Laura and I thought that these were priceless pieces of art when they are really just, well, not. One of these "ornaments" is actually a shoe that I wore in preschool that is spray painted gold. A tad bit odd but I think it's one of my mom's favorites.

Anyway, I told you all that so you might better understand how truly special the tree at the little yellow house is this year. One of my roommate's parents are doing renovations on their home and as it has become a construction zone they allowed us to borrow their Christmas ornaments and decorations. Her father came over last week and set up our tree and all of the roommates hung the ornaments and lights on it this past Tuesday as we listened to Christmas music. Our tree now has lots of presents under it although I am still waiting for the pony from my Secret Santa to arrive (Hint hint, Marsha). I am thrilled that Christmas has come out full force in the little yellow house this year with lights, ornaments, garland, and of course baking (It is what our house does best after all).
Garland: Compliments of Sam. Poor decorating skills: Yours truly.

THE tree. Poor photography skills also compliments of me.

On a slightly different but still merry/marry note I would like to congratulate my friends Anna and Ashley on their recent engagements! Ashley's fiance Michael proposed to her this past Saturday and Anna and her fiance Steven were engaged Wednesday night! They are all wonderful matches for each other and my friends and I are bubbling over with excitement for both of them; it looks like it really is the most wonderful time of the year, thanks for reading!


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