Thursday, December 2, 2010

[Victoria's] Secret Dream

So in case for whatever reason you have happened too stumble across this blog and have never met me in person you should know that I am about 5'4 and not exactly all skin and bones. However, despite this fact my secret dream reemerges this time every year and that is...

To be in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Look at me go.
 So yes, I realize this a bit odd coming from someone's whose dream career is working at a history museum but I love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I don't know if it's the music or the wings or what but if I was 6 foot-something feet tall and looked like a bean pole I would be all about it [sorry Dad]. My roommates and I eagerly huddled around our television on Tuesday as we picked out our favorite girls, "costumes", and sang along with Katy Perry. I didn't hate it. Oh to dream...Thanks for reading!


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