Monday, December 20, 2010

A Slice of Humble Pie

After sharing this story with a friend she told me I just had to post about it as she found it highly entertaining so here it is:

Like I said in a previous post, the week of the Wofford-Georgia Southern play-off game, the Wofford crowd at the office was electronically abuzz with excitement about the game. I felt like I had made it "in" with my fellow Terriers; especially since some of them laughed at my jokes and enjoyed the links that I sent them, etc. Anyway, Thursday rolls around and one of the brokers sends an e-mail to everyone saying that we should all wear our Wofford spirit wear to work on Friday since the dress code is casual. Without my knowledge he has also sent an e-mail to the other Wofford alumni saying that it would be really funny if only I sported the black and gold on Friday...

Friday morning: I am decked out. I am wearing black boots, tights, a black and white skirt, gold sweater, and I may or may not also be wearing the terrier earrings (that's right) that I managed to acquire at some point. I cruise into the parking garage, eager to see what everyone else is wearing, bee-bop (practically jump) into this broker's office and very enthusiastically say "Gooo Terriers!". Well, my excitement quickly diminishes as my face turns every shade of red and my shoulders slump as I realize he is very obviously not wearing anything remotely close to Wofford, black, gold, or collegiate sports in general. He is bowled over with laughter as he buzzes the other two Wofford brokers on the phone saying, "You  guys have got to see this, she really went all out!"

I might as well have shown up in this.
So I am standing in his office, on the brink of embarrassed tears as one of the brokers points out that even the buckles on my boots are gold. I am now thinking that I have clearly not made it in with the Wofford work crowd and wander back to my desk to lick my wounds. They all eventually add a Wofford sweater or sweater vest to their casual Friday work-wear but I still definitely won the award for most spirited. They now like to e-mail me whenever Wofford has a basketball game, glee club concert, one even e-mailed me during exam week telling me I should wear my earrings all week in support. Hahaha...

So yes, the joke continues but I prefer to now think that they would only tease me if they liked me. At least that is the thought that keeps me from crying at my desk. I hope everyone is getting excited about Christmas and thanks for reading!


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  1. What a great office! I would love to work there. I thought all women had terrier earrings.
    By the way, I like the helmet and faceguard on the Wofford mascot.