Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Peary Nice Gift Indeed

So as I have mentioned several times before, I love to bake. My family and friends know this, and apparently Santa got the memo as well because on Christmas morning I opened the Holy Grail of baking gifts...

Not sure why my picture is so small but insert "Hallelujah" here.
 That's right folks, a KitchenAid Mixer.

It is "Pear Green". It came with a cookbook. Its shiny. Its new. I am so excited about it I can't even form a well-constructed sentence. People at work have been asking me how my Christmas was and I respond with "I got a KitchenAid mixer!!"; most of the women know what this means, the men look confused and walk away but I don't care because I am now a lean [or maybe not so lean], mean, green baking machine. It makes me so happy to look at it when I get home and I am currently trying to decide what the inaugural recipe should be; I am open to suggestions!

I will write more soon about Atlanta's White Christmas but just had to quickly share my KitchenAid joy. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, thanks for reading!


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