Monday, January 24, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Since graduating in May, Blair has expressed his wish to own a dog. He has already picked out a name and everything (which, by the way he has requested that I not share with you all so people don't "steal" his dog name...). I, "Debbie Downer" have cautioned this as Blair works long hours, lives alone, and is frequently out of town; none of these being fair to a dog. I do however know that Blair would be a fantastic dog owner. A very friendly, happy person himself, I can only imagine the friendly, happy dog that I am sure he will own one day. I know they will be two peas in pod.

Keeping this in mind, please imagine how sad/sweet I found this picture to be from MSNBC's, "The Week in Pictures"...

This dog's owner was killed in the landslides in Brazil and her dog has sat by her grave for 3 consecutive days now. Heart. Wrenching. I could not stop thinking about the attachment that dogs and their owners develop for each other so while I am prepared for the day that Blair gets a dog and forgets about me, I just don't know if Blair and his future dog are prepared for the day that they meet each other.

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