Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Girl Scout Cookies are heeeeere!
["Oprah" voice]

Second to Christmas, St. Simons week, the 4th of July...ok, well second to a lot of things, Girl Scout Cookie season is the best.

Marsha and I were just trading "Girl Scout Cookie" stories, allow me to share; first, different cookie variations are sold in different states (i.e. No "Caramel Delights" in Georgia, no "Tagalongs" in South Carolina), this is sad news as Tagalongs are my favorite.

This also brings back very bitter memories of being a Girl Scout during "Cookie Season" when I would roam my neighborhood for hours upon hours [large exaggeration] trying to sell the most cookies and win Girl Scout hairbrush or whatever particular prize I had my eye on that year was. However, there was this one girl in my troop (I will not name names) whose dad was a doctor and he took her cookie form to the hospital and she always sold like 48967324965934 gazillion boxes. As a result I always "won" the "Oh-you-didn't-sell-near-enough-cookies-but-we-can't-not-give-you-a-prize" badge. I should probably let this go...

Despite my competitive memories, Girl Scout cookies also make me think of Grandmother's house. When my sister and I were younger and traveled over to Grandmother and Fado's, I was also given a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup (mine and Fado's favorite), Laura was always given a piece of cheese (her favorite, bahahahaha). Following Fado's passing it become more routine for Grandmother to offer us vanilla "Activia" (option #1) or Girl Scout Cookies (option #2). So after a  lunch of hot dogs, Frito's and a Coke or Chick-Fil-A, I will sit on her sofa, watch TCM, and snack on my Thin Mints that have probably been in the freezer since I sold them to Grandmother in 1996. Life is good. (For more on Grandmother, click here)

Thanks for reading and visiting Girl Scout Cookie memory lane with me. I shall now ponder my cookie order for hours...


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