Monday, January 3, 2011

Eye Yigh Yigh

Happy 2011!! I hope everyone had a very happy/safe New Year!! I know I have promised pictures of Atlanta's White Christmas and now have pictures to share from New Years but something much more pressing has come up; my vision.

2011 got off to a rocky start as a few minutes after midnight a perfect stranger felt the need to get sick on my foot...but that's neither here nor there. The real issue is that I have managed, yet again, to inflict injury upon myself.

Yesterday morning as I was putting in my contacts, the right eye first, I am a creature of habit; my right eye began to burn and tear quite badly. In a rush to get dressed and packed to go home I blinked a few times and tried not to focus on the discomfort that persisted throughout the day. Mistake number one. Last night I poke and prod at my eye for what feels like forever trying to get this contact out and then decide to sleep with it in with the hope that in the morning my contact will be so dry that it will just fall right out of my eye. Mistake number two.

I wake up and my eye is RED. Like Mary-might-be-a-zombie red. So I shower and hope that it will calm down, fail. I call my mom in a panic and drown my right eye in contact solution but this thing will not budge so off to work in my glasses I go. After a few "Oh, I didn't know you wore glasses comments" I finally ask my boss for the name of a good eye doctor as I think I am doing more harm than good trying to remove my contact on my own...

After a long stint in the waiting room the doctor confirms that I have, in fact, done much more harm than good as I have managed to scratch my eyeball and give myself pink eye. WHAT!? I did not even know that was possible. He also informs me that my contact is nowhere to be found in my eye so I guess it is just floating around in my skull mocking me. So, a few prescriptions and co-workers not wanting to get to close later, I sincerely hope that I am on the road to recovery.

So 2011, I have seen better days (literally) but I will not be defeated by you yet. However, if this pink eye experience is similar to the one I had in college I will eventually surrender. Thanks for reading!


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