Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dog Days

Are just beginning! The college football season starts this weekend and that means I will be busy cheering on the Terriers and the good, ole Georgia Bulldogs. I love football season so as much as I hate to see summer come to an end, football begins! Now, back to my dogs...

A few times every week I try to read the Atlanta paper online so I can stay in the loop about what is happening in my hometown. A few days ago I stumbled across this article which explains that Herschel Walker, the record-breaking UGA running back that was a star in the 80's wants to open his own concession stand at the Atlanta airport called "The Greatest Bulldog". Modesty is obviously not an issue here but I am not certain that the international visitors the visit the Atlanta Airport will understand the profound importance of Herschel Walker or the food he will serve that represents the various pro teams that Heisman Trophy winner played for.

The best of the best (Yes, this is Herschel dominating a Tennessee player, sorry Blair)
On a slightly more sentimental note, this article explains the connection that most of the assistant coaches at Wofford have not only to the school itself but to Head Coach, Mike Ayers. Coach Ayers explains that these relationships are one of the many things that sets Wofford apart from other programs.

Go Terriers!

If you weren't ready for some football I hope you are now! Blair and I are off to Clemson this weekend to kick the season off right with Whitner and Sarah. It is supposed to be a cool and refreshing 97 degrees in Clemson on Saturday so if I make it back alive I promise to share some pictures.

Happy long weekend and thanks for reading!


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