Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Disclaimer: In an effort to prevent this from becoming a "Wedding Blog" (Although some would argue it's too late); I decided that providing one update a month is plenty of Branch-Reath nuptials for all of you loyal readers. I hope you all enjoy!

All Decked Out

Like I said before, my dad was the first one to nail down his outfit for the big day. My dad is not exactly a "shopper" so when he told me that he purchased a new tuxedo I was actually quite shocked. After a trial run at his Kiwanis banquet with the only complaint that it was a little warm, I think dad is good to go!

Our respective mothers have started their search for their big day attire and Laura and Lindsey will be set to go once we get some bridesmaids dress details finalized. More on that to come in "Six".

This post is really about Blair; Blair knew right away that he wanted to wear a classic black tuxedo. My inner bridezilla loved this because I think this is such a timeless look and I was so glad that this was what Blair wanted as well. I know you all are thinking, "Mary, he wants to wear a tux, what is the big deal?"; but for me its not really about the tux so much but that this is what Blair thinks he is going to feel and look the best in because if there is one day to feel your best, shouldn't it be your wedding day?

Old picture but Blair is looking sharp
Its so exciting that seven months from today Blair and I will be surrounded by our friends and family celebrating our wedding at our rehearsal dinner. And I know when I see Blair for the first time seven months from tomorrow (yes, I realize I sound like one of those crazy wedding-countdown brides) waiting at the end of aisle that he will look just as handsome and happy as always.

In other wedding related news, Blair and I realized that engagement pictures are included in our price package from our wonderful photographer Angie. At first we were both a little hesitant about this as sometimes engagement pictures look a little too posed for my taste but the more I thought about it, the photos will be a great way for Angie to spend more time with us before the wedding and it will be nice for us to have pictures of us that were not taken with ole' faithful (aka my coolpix camera). We are still discussing where we want to have these taken but I will definitely keep you all updated on what I am sure will be funny day.

Thanks for reading and check back in a month for "Six"!


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