Wednesday, January 18, 2012

25 Going On 80

So, just a typical night at the yellow house. Sam is asleep, Jaclyn is in class, Marsha is on her way back into town and I just made myself some tea and am watching Part III of Downton Abbey...

PBS Masterpiece Classic. Thank you very much.

No shame here. Not even a little. I knew I would like this series before the opening credits had finished in Part I. British drama? Check. Some history sprinkled in? Major check. If you haven't seen this yet I highly recommend it. All of the cousins were talking about it at Christmas and I had only seen bits and pieces and was feeling a little left out. Blair and I were in Knoxville this weekend and I saw Lisa's copy in their den practically jumped at the chance to borrow it. Looks like I should be able to return it at the end of the week at the rate I am watching... Who needs sleep!?

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