Saturday, January 21, 2012


Oh hi 2012! Welcome year of the weddings! When Blair and I first set a date I found myself constantly saying "Oh, we have so much time!". Nope. We're here. We are getting married three months and we are so excited!

Band Together

I feel like so much of the wedding-planning process cane become about the girl and what she has hoped or dreamed that her wedding day would be like. Blair has been great about being involved and helping with lots of decisions that I am sure can be tiresome for him. It is for this reason that when I found a free weekend open on our calendars I suggested that we go to Knoxville to the jewelry store where Blair got my engagement ring for us to select our wedding bands. It was nice to be able to make the day about Blair, being in his hometown, eating at his favorite spots, and picking out the wedding band that he will soon wear!

Party, Party, Party

With a couple's shower on the horizon, my cousin Rebecca's wedding coming up in a few short weeks (So excited!!!), and then our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, Blair and I are feeling quite festive. I am so excited about our shower coming up (Updates to come in "Two"); thrown by several awesome Wofford friends, it is an "Around the Clock" shower which will definitely not disappoint. 

All of the events leading up the wedding have made us both so aware of how excited not only we are for this day and all that comes after, but also our friends and family. It is such a special time in our lives and we really do feel truly blessed to share it with those that are most important to us. April 21st, here we come!

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