Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That's How Many Dalmatians

So I try not to deviate from my monthly wedding update post (Yes, I realize how absolutely crazy I sound) but this was too funny to not share.

Today I came home from work and was checking something on one of our registries and I saw that it posts a "Countdown" in the top right corner, 101 days!!! On my way to the gym I called Blair and our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hey Tooty guess what
Blair: What?
Me: We get married in 101 days!!!
Blair: [Without missing a beat] That's how many dalmatians there were!

His response took me by such surprise that I couldn't reply for second and then just decided on "Yes Blair, that's exactly how many dalmatians there were".

I want the one with the spots...Image via
So yes, I am marrying someone who makes reference to a Disney Classic at every opportunity. I am not bothered by this in the slightest. Hope you all are having a great week, thanks for reading!


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