Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going Through the Motions

Sometimes I feel like my day goes like this: Wake up, work, gym, dinner, bed. And then repeat. Lately I have tried to focus on remembering certain things that happen each day whether it's a conversation, a random thought that came to my mind, something my roommates and I laughed about, etc. Basically I am trying to do better about things like this in an effort to take full advantage of every day:

All of the above (Image via)

I feel like those are things that I need to stamp on my hand before I walk out the door every morning; nothing like a little self-improvement!

Speaking of self-improvement, I should be packing right now. Blair and I are heading to Conway, S.C. this weekend to attend the wedding of our friends Ashley and Michael and I am so exciting I haven't even taken my suitcase out of my closet.

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