Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's In A Name?

Quite a bit actually. First, middle, last, street address, city, state, zip. Yes, Blair and I have been tackling the beast otherwise known as the guest list. While this is an exciting list to compile as these are the people that will surround us on our wedding day; it is impossible to think that with each and every addition to my spreadsheet I know that all of the above information is required for each person. Let the e-mails begin! Or, if you prefer to sign any text messages you might send  to me over the next week or so with your full name and mailing address I will accept those as well.

HELP. (Image via)

Now that Blair and I have made "listing" our new verb of choice; we are set on getting this finished as soon as possible so that my hands may become unfrozen from the typing position. Thanks for reading!


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