Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shop 'Til You Drop

This weekend I am heading home to Atlanta to go wedding dress shopping! According to my wedding checklist which come from the website that we are using to create our own wedding website (confused yet? More on our wedding website to come); finding my dress is something that I should have done about 2 months ago when we got engaged. Uh-oh.

Regardless of my shopping tardiness, I am very excited. Earlier this week when I was making the appointments I was becoming a little stressed wondering if we would have enough time at each store, if we would actually find something, etc. but my sister (performing one of her many maid of honor duties oh so well) reminded me that I needed to turn my frown upside down and that this was going to be fun. She's right and I am really am very excited thrilled, anxious, giddy, and a little bit nervous.

It is going to be so fun picking out the dress that I will wear when the church doors open and Blair sees me for the first time as the woman who is going to be his wife. I hope my mom, sister, and aunt can hold it together as the shopping commences because if you all remember; I am a crier.

Last but definitely not least, we need to get on the shopping ball because out of our family guess who the only person is to have successfully purchased their wedding day attire? That's right, dear old dad.

Everyone remember his tuxedo?
I promise to return with details from this weekend (well, not too many) and hopefully have some fun pictures to share! Happy Friday & thanks for reading!


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