Monday, August 1, 2011

The Traditions Continue

This past week at St. Simons with my extended family was just what the doctor ordered. We usually go earlier in July so I was overly eager to jump in the car on Saturday morning and drive down there. St. Simons is a very special place to all of those in my family; it is the place where our grandparents met, where we have grown up visiting, exploring, and just being with each other and I can only hope that one day Blair and I will have children that come to love this place as we have.

Mom, Laura, and me before a delicious dinner at Coastal Kitchen
Most every day involved beach sitting, pool swimming, nap taking, junk food eating, book reading, and lots of relaxing.

The usual afternoon thunderstorm rolling in on the beach

Here it comes!
Blair arrived on Wednesday evening and everyone was so excited to spend more time with him. He fit right in and was such a great sport (hence the air-brushed t-shirts)


Sister sporting the Lady Gaga glasses

He made it!
Thursday night we had a big cook-out and a little celebration for Blair and I. Little did we know, another big surprise was on the way as my cousin Rebecca's boyfriend, Sean was waiting for her on the porch of their house when she was sent back for an errand fabricated by my uncle. When Rebecca turned the corner on the back porch Sean was there waiting to propose!

Our favorite new articles of clothing. Blair wore his to the beach the next day!

Waiting for the newly engaged couple to return!

Yellow cake with chocolate icing, Blair's favorite

Happy to report that there was zero of this cake left at the end of the week

The future Mr. and Mrs. Carey!

Engaged cousins!
Sadly, the week always has to come to an end and I am already so excited for next year. Hope you all are having a great week so far, thanks for reading!

Mom's vote for the Christmas card

Little one

The happy place!

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