Friday, October 1, 2010

And So It Goes

Several weeks, ok months have passed since I first toyed with the idea of starting a blog so after much encouragement from my loving/slightly pushy younger sister Laura and my roommates, I have jumped into the blogging world head first!

For those of you who may not know I recently moved from my hometown of Atlanta, GA to Columbia, SC and if you know me at all you are well-aware that picking up my life and moving is not something that a self-proclaimed "control enthusiast" like myself would normally do (hence the oh so witty title that Laura and I came up with). However, it was becoming increasingly aware to me that life was happening around me without making things happen for myself so here I am! I have been lucky enough to make some wonderful new friends and live with a group of incredibly fun-loving, generous, and  make you roll on the floor laughing group of girls.

Our sweet little house (minus Ashton, we missed you!)

Now, I am well aware that this is not the most exciting blog to look at but when I was beginning my blog research the 2 vs. 3 column design, kits, templates, etc. all started to look like a foreign language to me but I promise to become better acquainted with the blogging lingo and  jazz things up a bit. This will hopefully be a place where my friends and family who are not close by, and even those who are, can keep up with my antics, thoughts, and whatever else I allow this blog to become. Thanks for reading!



  1. You go baby girl. And you had to use the name. It is perfect. And so are you. And I'm not at all biased.

  2. Best blog I have ever read! I think I see ZTA colors in the margin. Dad

  3. Just saw that you started following mine, so I clicked on your name. Can't wait to read more! Love the title.

  4. You must have the world's Greatest Dad!!