Monday, October 11, 2010

Foggy on Grey's

Yes, I am a Grey's Anatomy devotee. I am not ashamed. I am, however, not as familiar with what is going on this season. I owe this to the antics of our living room. Living with three roommates is highly entertaining as we all gather in the living room every night to watch TV and catch up before bed. There is usually laughter involved, last Thursday took it to the extreme. I brought my camera out of my room to attempt to document the chaos but I will do my best to describe the events as well.

OK, here Marsha has a stye and is yelling at me through the blanket. Zeco (Sam's boyfriend) is painting something on his putter with nail polish. Just your average Thursday.

Sam is painting her actual nails with nail polish. And Jersey Shore may or may not be on at this point...

Marsha and her hot compress for her stye. She has since murdered me for posting this photo so it has been a pleasure knowing all of you.
OK, like a said Marsha unfortunately developed a stye (a painful spot that develops on the eyelid). This prompts Zeco to jokingly tell her that she will forever be deformed thus causing no one to want to marry her so she might as well start naming all the cats that she will own when she gets older. This upsets Marsha who is now yelling in opposition to Zeco's ideas for her future and at me because I decided this was funny enough to blog about. In addition to the cat naming, camera avoiding activities Sam was not feeling well so she ran out to Walgreens to pick up some medicine. She did not inform Zeco of her plans so when he arrived at our house he is jokingly yelling, but still yelling, at Sam for not telling him she was sick/going to Walgreens. 

In conclusion, if you were to ask me what happened this past week on Grey's Anatomy I would tell you that it took place in a hospital and that is all I know. Thanks for reading!


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