Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belly Dancing Bust

My roommate Sam says she distinctly remembers being younger and someone asking her what she wants to be when she grows up and she responded with "a belly dancer". Therefore, it is no real surprise that when Sam finds belly dancing classes in our area she recruits me and Marsha to tag along. Big mistake. Not the asking Marsha part, the asking me part. This is what I feel like as the instructor starts to show us the choreography...
Overwhelmed. Period.
Marsha might as well be the teacher's assistant as she immediately picks up on all of the moves. Sam is so excited that the steps seem to come naturally to her. Not the case for me, I have never been much of a dancer (watch my home videos and you will see, sorry Mom and Dad for making you sit through those recitals). I think my lack of dancing ability results from years and years of horseback riding where every move is absolutely controlled; back, arms, hands, legs, and feet. These movements do not include a a great deal of constant, fluid motion so belly dancing was a struggle for me, to say the least. I did however have a lot of fun and would go to the class again once my body has time to recover because I am SO sore. Belly dancing has a specific posture that you are meant to hold while dancing so today my arms, neck, and back are not feeling so hot.
Will not be a back up dancer for Shakira anytime soon. You are welcome world.
So while Marsha and Sam while probably move up to the intermediate level class sometime soon I will either permanently stay at the beginner level or continue to rely on running for my source of exercise and embarrassment. Thanks for reading!


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