Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween for Breakfast?

At work on Friday we are having a "Halloween Breakfast". This is really throwing people off. So far people have signed up to bring muffins, breakfast casseroles, fruit, and Halloween cookies...that's right, cookies. Needless to say I think someone is going to have to roll me onto the elevator before 5:00 on Friday so I can make it to Wofford Homecoming. Apparently there is also a breakfast casserole bake-off happening so it is only fair that I sample them both, naturally.

I hope someone brings these. HINT HINT

And a pumpkin roll. Please and thank you.

Oh hello breakfast casserole, I'm Mary. We are going to be best friends.
I will happily report back about the "breakfast" once I recover from the food coma that I will undoubtedly slip into. Thanks for reading!


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