Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blossom St. to Blue Ridge

So today I am on my run, straight cruising  struggling down Blossom St. with my i-pod on shuffle and this song comes on...

"Send Me On My Way"

This prompts me to smile as I continue to bee-bop on down Blossom. And yes, I am aware at this point that I am that girl who smiles while she runs. This is not the norm. I digress. This song makes me smile because it is in the 1996 film version of the Roald Dahl book, "Matilda". My sister and LOVED movie and if you have never seen in then you are missing out.

I used to read "Matilda" in the backseat on my mom's Jeep as our family would drive up to our family's mountain cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia while I listened to my Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Greatest Hits CD on my disc-man (I have mentioned before that I was a nerd to don't even act surprised when you read this). Again, if you have never read "Matilda" you are also missing out. Matilda, her awful parents, Miss Honey, and the Trunchbull really put my over-active imagination to work, as did most of Roald Dahl's books.


Anyway, I just think its funny how a song can remind you of such specific things and it totally and completely made my day. Thanks for reading!


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