Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bulldog Born & Bred

Glory Glory! Is Georgia great this season? No. Do I remain a loyal member of the Bulldog nation? Yes. Responsible for the "education" (aka 4+ years spent in Athens, GA by aunts, uncles, both parents, and younger sister) I will always cheer for the dogs and firmly believe that this is a growing season for us, a young team with a lot of talent and very capable coaches. And in very exciting news, UGA VIII began his reign as the university mascot this past Saturday as the Bulldogs took on Vanderbilt.

Escorted to the stadium in a cherry-red Suburban with the "UGA VIII" license plate on the back, UGAVIII (real name: Big Bad Bruce in honor of one of the veterinary school professors) was then driven to the middle of the field in a golf cart where the signature red collar with silver spikes was placed around his neck. Once in his air-conditioned dog house, UGA VIII proceeded to sleep most of the game but must have been quite the good luck charm as the Bulldogs stomped Vandy, 43-0. Gooo dawgs!

Isn't he cute!?

The bulldogs used as the university mascots are bred by the Seiler family of Savannah, GA. Recieving the first UGA as a wedding present in 1956, Mrs. Seiler made the dog a Georgia jersey using a red child's shirt from JCPenny with a black felt "G" sewn on the back. The ticket collectors at the game allowed the Seilers to bring their dog into the stadium as the Bulldogs took on Florida State and the tradition continues as UGA has become one of the most well-recognized mascots in college football.

Don't mess.

I hope UGA VIII's 55-pound self continues to bring Georgia luck because although I live in Gamecock country and have handled my fair share of taunting, I am still a Bulldog through and through. Sic 'em! Thanks for reading!


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