Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Night Terror

Well if you see me wandering the streets like a zombie its because I am getting zero sleep. Why you ask? Two reasons [stories].

First, last night when I was brushing my teeth I looked up in the mirror to see a roach crawling across our bathroom wall. Not wanting to wake my roommates, I [surprisingly] did not scream and looked for something to throw at it that would not make too much noise so that I could knock it off the wall and kill it. After throwing [flinging] a tube of toothpaste at the bathroom wall the roach FLEW across the bathroom, landed on the edge of the tub and then scampered into my roommate Sam's room. Uh-oh. After much discussion and searching, we found the roach when Sam closed her door and it landed...on her hand.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I came home from work and was leaning down by my bed to plug in my phone for a little while and thanks to my peripheral vision I spotted a dark spot on my lampshade. Yep, a roach. I was not going to be beat this time so I grabbed a shoe and a tissue and as I went in for the kill the roach felt the blow of death approaching and disappeared! Ok, well I may have frozen up at the last second and closed my eyes but I have NO idea where this thing is. I pulled my bed away from the wall, moved all of my shelves and tables and still no sign.

So, if you wearing some blood-curdling screams tonight it pretty much means I found the roach the roach found me.

Thanks for reading, I guess April showers bring...bugs?


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