Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beth Dies!?!

There are two books that I read at least once every year. One: To Kill A Mockingbird. Two: Little Women. Is this a little bit strange? Yes. Even stranger? Instead of "playing" school or house growing up, I often forced Laura to "play" Little Women. All this really meant was that Laura and I pretended to be very cold (we were growing up in Massachusetts after all) and I got to play Jo [obviously] and poor, little Laura had to be Beth. That's right, Laura/Beth died. This has lead to lots of teasing back and forth as the years have gone on so yesterday, on sort of a ho-hum average Wednesday, I get a message from Laura that says: "Little Women is on, always makes me think of you!". Again, sometimes it's the littlest (no pun intended) things that can turn your day around.

Yea, I own this on DVD.
And yes, this post's title is a Friends reference from the one where Joey and Rachel agree to read each others' favorite books; Joey's is The Shining, which he puts in the freezer whenever it gets too scary and Rachel's is Little Women. Joey gets confused, thinks that Laurie is a girl, Jo is a boy and then when he finds out that Beth dies it is just too much for him to handle and the book goes into the freezer, "Beth dies!?!".

Friends and Little Women. Doesn't get any better, thanks for reading!


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  1. I LOVE that episode! Never read the book though because thanks to Friends, I learned how it ends...