Monday, October 3, 2011

They Will Rock You

Watching our mighty Wofford Terriers this past weekend was so much fun. I expected the Wofford vs. App. State challenge to be a nail biter but the Terriers proved to be too much for App. State to handle. We stomped them 28-14 and it was so exciting. We were planning on returning just for Homecoming but now we are trying to work another Wofford football visit into our fall schedule.

Go Terriers! We are so proud! Hope you all had a great weekend & thanks for reading!


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  1. So I just realized you had a blog.... one year too late. And tried to read at least two or three posts from each month. I also skimmed several which titles intrigued me most. Over all I laughed a couple of times out loud and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with how things are going with you, Blair, Laura and the fam. I loved the post about Grandmother and how she calls it window food. You are an excellent writer Mary!