Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Blair and I realized that this past weekend is the first since the 4th of July that one or both of us has not traveled (well, he traveled to come see me on Saturday); that is insane. We have been on the long distance road for quite a while so that is not something new to us but as our schedules get busier and after we both work a full week, I usually feel like I look around on Sunday afternoon and wonder where the weekend went; really where did my chance to sleep in a little extra wander off to!?

When I returned from Anna's wedding last weekend, I woke up on Monday with a cold. A knock-you-over, maybe-pull-a-muscle-from-sneezing sort of cold. My parents both think that this was my body's way of telling me that I need to slow down; or as Mom says "You have to learn to say no". This presents a challenge for me as I typically like to see how many things I can add on to my to-do list in any given day.

Not last week. I was in a sleep walking/cold syrup induced coma. Direct from a co-worker: "You look like you need to go home". Yea, well I feel like it too.

No longer! After a relaxing weekend in Columbia filled with lots of college football watching, chili-festival tasting, and of course, napping, I am ready to go! Brand new week, brand new things and Wofford Homecoming this weekend where I will be disguising myself as someone who thinks they are still in college.

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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