Friday, October 14, 2011

Nanner Ties The Knot

This morning I am blogging from Sparkle City as I am anxiously awaiting the kick-off of Anna's wedding weekend with her bridesmaids luncheon later this morning. We all remember meeting Anna our freshman year so it seems like the past 6 six years have flown by as tomorrow is her wedding day. She is from Spartanburg so all of our friends spent a good deal of time with her family during our years at Wofford which makes this weekend that much more meaningful to all of us as we have all witnessed first hand how close Anna is to her parents and brother and sister. Anna and her family have been extremely kind to all of us over the years and we are honored to share this time with them. I am so excited for everything this weekend and can't wait to see our beautiful bride to be later this morning!

SO happy for our Nanner and sweet Steven!
I will try to be back later today or tomorrow morning with bridesmaids luncheon and maybe a few rehearsal dinner pictures so that I don't bombard you all on Sunday or Monday [Note to self: Figure out how to make a photo collage on the blog]. I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Thanks for reading!


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