Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 15, 2011

The day that our Anna got married! Anna was so calm and a joy to be around before her wedding. We arrived at the church a few hours before the ceremony was set to begin and helped Anna get dressed, took some pictures, and waited for the guests to arrive. Anna and Steven opted to do a "first look" and their wedding party was present for that as well. I had never seen that done that way before and it I know our group was honored to witness Steven see his bride for the first time on their special day.

A new name and a stunning dress

Father-daughter dance; so sweet and fun and they got the whole crowd involved

Claire, a friend since we were freshman...waaay back win. Off to an awesome job in Nashville, Atlanta will miss you!

Katy and Meagan's hard work paid off! Anna and Steven's cake was gorgeous and delicious (Yes, I sampled all 4 flavors thank you very much)

Us in 6 months!

Sweet dance taking a quick break from the dancefloor. There was lots of dancing at their reception; most the older guests enjoyed the fall weather at the tables set up outside so we were really able to take over...per usual.

A little Terrier pride

Martha and Carly waiting for the ceremony to start! We took pictures inside the church before the guests arrived so it was exciting for all of us to make the walk to the church again with Anna a few hours later knowing that it was packed full of the people that love her and Steven so much

Husband & wife!
Their wedding was beautiful and every event this past weekend was so personal. I know I speak for all of our friends when I say that we have never seen Anna look more beautiful and just radiate happiness; I told my mom on Sunday that it was so easy to really see how happy they both were. That's what its all about!

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